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Kristen Shema

PhD Candidate

With over 3 years of experience in preclinical drug development, I am driven to discover the next generation of therapeutic molecules that harness the power of the body's immune system to effect change in oncologic and autoimmune conditions. I look forward to employing the experience and diverse skillset that I've acquired in the positions that I've held in various sectors of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to new opportunities in immunotherapeutic research and development.

Current Research

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My long-term research interest is centered around leveraging fundamental knowledge about cancer to develop the next generation of immunotherapeutics with improved efficacy across cancer subtypes and reduced off-target effects. By creating technologies to study aspects of fundamental cancer biology and how immunotherapies are affected by different cellular and secreted factors, researchers will be informed of the parameters critical to a given therapy’s success. Developing robust in vitro models such as the TLI-Ivatar that can effectively maintain critical immune populations and predict human disease outcomes will advance immunotherapeutic design.

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