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Camryn Garza

NSF Graduate Research Fellow - 
PhD Candidate 

Camryn received her BSE in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in biochemistry from Arizona State University in 2021. She spent her undergraduate career working in oncolytic viruses, host pathogen interactions of bacterial vaginosis, and tissue engineering for islets. Her undergraduate honors thesis was titled “The Female Reproductive Tract Microenvironment: Cytotoxic effects of bacterial-vaginosis-associated bacteria on cervical epithelial cells” and her capstone project was titled “Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes via Transplantation of Macroencapsulated Islets within Complex Hydrogel Geometries”. She is now pursuing her PhD in Molecular Engineering as a co-advised student under Melody Swartz and Jeffrey Hubbell.

Current Research

lymphatic immunobiology.png

Camryn is passionate about engineering as a school of thought, and is interested in pursuing a project the combines the power of engineering with the basic science of immunology. She is looking forward to working on a project modulating the immune-suppressed tumor microenvironment to an immune-activated site to aid in the treatment of cancer.

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