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Water Purification Treatment

Gustavo Andrés Vásquez Montoya

PhD candidate

Gustavo Vasquez graduated with honors as a biological engineer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He worked for four years as an associated researcher in the multi-scale simulations for complex systems research group led by Professor Juan Pablo Hernandez-Ortiz as part of the material science and technology research group at Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Medellin. He also worked as an Assistant Professor at different universities in Colombia. Currently he is a graduate student at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering working in both the Swartz and de Pablo groups.

Current Research

Liquid Drop

As a researcher at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Gustavo Vasquez worked in the development of multi-scale models that integrate partial differential equations with stochastic Markov processes for the study of T-cell activation and migration in lymphoid structures. Currently he is interested in the integration of multi-scale modeling and simulations of in vitro and in vivo experiments for the study of cancer immunobiology and cancer immunotherapy.

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